About Us

Divine Purpose Services was formulated in 2017. Established April 1st, 2020. The idea was generated with the notion in living and expressing a purposeful lifestyle. This is a motivating company that uplifts with encouraging techniques. 

Our Mission

The Mission of Divine Purpose Services is to help develop and empower individuals with healing techniques, spiritual scriptures, positive effective ways of living and daily affirmations in purposeful living.


Our Vision

To be global, be connected, and be available to offer personalized chats that will help people succeed in life.


Our Goals:

Inspire      Create      Achieve      Build      Expand



 I'm Nefa Weatherspoon, the Founder of Divine Purpose Services LLC!

 God fearing, lover of life and fulfilling purposes. Self motivated individual, that walks by Faith and live by Hebrews 11.1


                 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen.

                                                                                        HEBREWS 11.1